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After registering you will receive an email that provides the details required to activate the account. If the email address is incorrect, you will have difficulty activating the account.

Some of the details added on registration must be correct to ensure that you have a happy experience here. Please ensure that:

  1. the email address is correct. The email address is used to activate your account. Please ensure that is whitelisted on your email system to ensure that the authentication email is not placed in your junk mail folder. The email address is used to send you your HRV data when you click the email button on the HRV & BP screen. We do not share email addresses with anyone, nor are they be used for any form of advertising. Trust is the most important part of our business. If we compromise your personal information, we are compromising our business. 
  2. Use a userID that is easy to remember. The user ID must be at least 2 characters long. The system requires that the user ID is unique. You will be informed if the user ID is already in use. When that happens, please enter another user ID.
  3. the password is secure. It must be at least 5 characters long. A complex password using characters and numbers is more secure. Try and combine that rule in a combination that is memorable. Or use a password system (We use Lastpass).
  4. HRV goes down with age. The birthdate is required to determine the relevance of the HRV reading in relation to age.
  5. Please enter your gender. This is relevant as HRV varies by gender.
  6. The device ID is the critical link between the app and the platform. The device id can be found on the top edge of the Polar H10 HRM refer Using the iOS app for the first time
  7. Only enter a group if you are a member of a registered group. If you are not a member of a group, please select NA.
  8. Only enter a health insurer if you are a policy holder with a health insurer in Switzerland. If you are not insured in Switzerland, please select N/A.

Please note: Your registration is automatically authenticated when you register a valid H9 or H!0 device ID during registration. The account will be automatically activated provided all other details are correct.

It is not really important that the name is correct. If you prefer anonymity - that's fine. The birth date is used to create a unique id and for the more advanced metrics. HRV and RHR change with age, and these measurements require the correct age for accuracy. Please enter your age correctly to within a few weeks, if not exactly. 

You will receive your unique id with you activation email. It will be used to enhance the security in the future.


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