Breathing to improve your health

Wim Hof breathing improves HRV metrics

We’re always interested when any of our users starts getting better HRV numbers.

Recently a few of our users started to show the kinds of improvements we all dream about. What was even more interesting is that these are people whose numbers were already very good. They were emphatic in their answer: they’ve started using the Wim Hof breathing method daily.

We’ve always advocated that yoga and meditation are good for improving health, and we have a few users who include these as a means of being at their best – and it shows in their numbers. But if this small sample is anything to go by, the Wim Hof approach may be better than anything else we’ve seen.

We’d also be interested to hear from any other users who are using Wim Hof (or any other breathing techniques) to improve their numbers.

At HRV Health, we’ve started using it too, and as we said before we will inform you of our findings.

Quite simply: it works, especially when doing the breathing exercise just before going to bed. My sleep has improved, more deep and REM sleep, and waking feeling refreshed.

My HRV numbers have made a dramatic jump with the improved sleep. Give it a try.

Happy breathing. 

Watch the video here

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