Why HRV poses a threat to doctors

One of HRV Health’s users (Jill) went for a required routine medical check-up. On reviewing Jill’s x-ray, the doctor concluded that she had “a problem” with her lungs, and could not grant medical clearance.

Jill was devastated.

Jill exercises daily, and her HRV metrics reflect that. We told her to get a second opinion. The second opinion confirmed what we already knew. Her lungs are in excellent shape. The other doctor’s opinion was a complete misdiagnosis.

That is a sample of one.

A study determined that 40.5% of people infected with Covid were asymptomatic[1]Global Percentage of Asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infections Among the Tested Population and Individuals With Confirmed COVID-19 Diagnosis. People who are asymptomatic get no benefit from vaccination. But we were all told to get vaccinated, in spite of the risks[2]Australia bans the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The vaccine prevents neither transmission nor infection[3]Why you can’t trust doctors any more

Using HRV, we were able to detect when our users were infected, and when they had overcome the infection. Frequently, this was in cases where the user had been vaccinated, so we knew very early on that the vaccines were ineffective against infection. 

The Covid data confirms that only the vulnerable, those in need of a vaccine and belong to a very specific group, the majority of whom are economically inactive[4]Lies, damn lies, and statistics. Governments, following the advice of the medical experts who appeared on television nightly, deemed it necessary to shut down the world’s economies. That was a bad decision. 

HRV produces data, and it is this data that is the fuel that allows artificial intelligence (AI) to make decisions that are better than its human counterparts[5]Artificial intelligence

With people taking HRV readings daily, AI will determine their health status, and can warn when they have symptoms that require additional diagnosis. To some extent, we are already doing that with our interpretations. Our interpretations are not AI – they are an expert system. AI using HRV will operate at a higher level that will make doctors obsolete.

As a forensic accountant, under cross examination I was often faced by a lawyer unable to refute the accuracy of my testimony. You knew that they were struggling, when they attacked my credibility as a witness and were dismissive of the approach, or the technology. 

That’s very much the strategy that the medical profession have adopted toward HRV and AI. They’re on the defensive.

They should be.