Most common causes of death in Switzerland

The most common causes of death in Switzerland is almost identical to that of the USA[1]Ten most common causes of death in the USA. We have published an earlier article setting out how heart rate variability (HRV) can detect the ailments on this list, and how a healthier lifestyle can lead to a sginificant reduction… Continue reading Most common causes of death in Switzerland

Switzerland’s health insurance market

Background Twenty nine years ago, the Swiss health sector faced two key problems: rising inequality and rising costs.  Both problems resulted from the rise of for-profit insurance companies. Traditionally, the Swiss bought into private insurance plans through their employers. Because these insurers were not selective about whom they covered, very nearly all employed people had… Continue reading Switzerland’s health insurance market

How to take the HRV and ECG readings properly

Taking the HRV and ECG readings properly is simple once you know how. This is a guideline on how to achieve the most reliable results. In order to get reliable HRV and ECG results with the HRV Health apps, please follow these steps: Take the readings regularly, preferably each day, with only one reading per… Continue reading How to take the HRV and ECG readings properly

Ageing, exercise, and HRV

Proven to protect against a wide array of diseases, exercise may be the most powerful anti-aging intervention known to science[1]Researchers shed light on how exercise preserves physical fitness during aging[2]Exercise preserves physical fitness during aging through AMPK and mitochondrial dynamics. As we age, our fitness drops off faster, and recovery takes longer. Our training needs to adapt… Continue reading Ageing, exercise, and HRV

Exercising with HRV

HRV has been helping elite athletes to achieve peak performance for the past couple of decades. At HRV Health, we have developed algorithms that assist athletes to achieve their best, and our tests prove that they are effective. This is a service only available during the trial period and to subscribers. The way you exercise,… Continue reading Exercising with HRV

Stress and HRV

Stress kills! Two of the most powerful metrics the daily HRV reading produces measure stress. This article will help you to understand the metrics, and give you tips on how to lower your stress levels. SRRS In 1967, Thomas Holmes and Richard Rahe, two psychiatrists working at the University of Washington produced a paper that… Continue reading Stress and HRV

Using wearables to measure HRV

The validity of HRV results using wearables has been questioned in academia. Wearable devices usually adopt photoplethysmography (PPG), using the photo sensors in the device, rather than electrocardiograph (ECG) that is used in medical and strap based heart rate monitors (HRM), to measure HRV. The top wearable devices use algorithms to compensate for the inaccuracies… Continue reading Using wearables to measure HRV

Using HRV to reduce stress and improve training

The top athletes having been using HRV for the past couple of decades to improve their training to higher performance levels. Here’s how they do it. After putting in months of diligent base training, the racing season approaches. Most athletes follow a training plan. The basic training process isn’t complicated. Assessment: Ability and event demands;… Continue reading Using HRV to reduce stress and improve training