How medical arrogance kills

After becoming disillusioned with the study of law, Ignatz Semmelweis, a young Hungarian, moved to the study of medicine, graduating with a medical degree from the prestigious University of Vienna in 1844. He applied for positions in pathology and then medicine, but received rejections in both, probably because he was both Hungarian and Jewish. Obstetrics,… Continue reading How medical arrogance kills

Why HRV poses a threat to doctors

One of HRV Health’s users (Jill) went for a required routine medical check-up. On reviewing Jill’s x-ray, the doctor concluded that she had “a problem” with her lungs, and could not grant medical clearance. Jill was devastated. Jill exercises daily, and her HRV metrics reflect that. We told her to get a second opinion. The… Continue reading Why HRV poses a threat to doctors

Why you can’t trust doctors any more

Let’s look at the evidence of the past couple of years. When the Covid pandemic broke out in February 2020, the International press announced it as a pandemic. By then it had spread to Italy. The World Health Organisation initially denied that it was a pandemic[1]The great vaccinate debate, and then suddenly changed their minds.… Continue reading Why you can’t trust doctors any more