The HRV Health reading interpretatation

The HRV Health reading interpretation provides an in depth analysis of the reading. This feature is only available to lifetime members, subscribers, and new users during the trial period.

The interpretation is only produced when there are at least five days readings within the last ten days. Trying to take five readings on the same day will not work. If you have missed readings for five or more days, the interpretation will not be available until the requisite five daily readings have been taken.

The algorithm detects whether the user has followed best practice in taking the reading, and if the conditions for a reliable reading have not been met, will recommend taking another reading. Not adhering to best practice compromises the quality of the results and accordingly the reliability of the interpretation.

It’s best to take another reading when you receive this advisory.

The interpretation is produced in the user’s language of choice, including English, French, German, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese. 

As you are learning to interpret the individual metrics, the detail section evaluates each metric, providing guidance as to whether the reading result is good, mediocre, below expectations, or cause for concern.

The first section produces a brief summary of the detail that follows. Think of it as an executive summary.

The details cover the complete range of metrics that result from the reading, providing an analysis of each metric relative to previous readings. This will give you an insight into your relative state of health compared with the past. Important analysis appears in bold.

New records for metrics are identified in the interpretation.

When the interpretation reveals something unusual, it will make a recommendation to leave a note in the comments section on the HRV & BP result page. If you are suffering from illness, unusual circumstances, not slept well, or had an intense workout the previous day, recording this in the comments section will be helpful of you as you review your data in the future.

Most notably, if your health is in decline, the interpretation will identify this, and you should be alert to other symptoms that may be indicate that you need to visit a doctor – or that you are exercising too hard, and need focus on recovery.

There is a section that deals with recovery specifically. It’s best to follow these advisories.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We’re here to help.