Switzerland’s health insurance market

Background Twenty nine years ago, the Swiss health sector faced two key problems: rising inequality and rising costs.  Both problems resulted from the rise of for-profit insurance companies. Traditionally, the Swiss bought into private insurance plans through their employers. Because these insurers were not selective about whom they covered, very nearly all employed people had… Continue reading Switzerland’s health insurance market

Using the new HRV Health Android app

The HRV Health apps are designed to collect your HRV and ECG data. The real value of the HRV Health system resides on the Platform, where you are able to view your results, interpretations and health  trends, showing improvements, and the long term impact of events that have affected your health. The new HRV Health… Continue reading Using the new HRV Health Android app

How to take the HRV and ECG readings properly

Taking the HRV and ECG readings properly is simple once you know how. This is a guideline on how to achieve the most reliable results. In order to get reliable HRV and ECG results with the HRV Health apps, please follow these steps: Take the readings regularly, preferably each day, with only one reading per… Continue reading How to take the HRV and ECG readings properly

The HRV Health reading interpretatation

The HRV Health reading interpretation provides an in depth analysis of the reading. This feature is only available to lifetime members, subscribers, and new users during the trial period. The interpretation is only produced when there are at least five days readings within the last ten days. Trying to take five readings on the same… Continue reading The HRV Health reading interpretatation

What is healthy?

Worldwide, healthcare costs $9.5 trillion annually. If it were a country, it would be the world’s third largest economy. And it is in trouble. Healthcare, in it’s current form contributes nothing to an economy, because it it reactive, dealing with health issues as they happen. With aging populations, healthcare costs are increasing at an unsustainable… Continue reading What is healthy?

The HRV Health subscription plan

HRV Health has introduced a subscription plan for our more advanced features. The basic heart rate variability services remain free for users. The services which require a subscription are: ECG readings; Followers and following; Recovery including Poincaré plot; The ECG readings consume extraordinarily amounts of storage, and with some users abusing this, it has become… Continue reading The HRV Health subscription plan