Registering on the HRV Health Platform

HRV Health places data quality at the forefront. 

ThHRV Health registrationis starts at registration. All the important data are validated to make sure that they are correct. Yes, it appears to complicate the registration, but it saves our users from many problems later on.

Email address: We authenticate the email address for two reasons: 

  1. To check that your data are sent to the correct email address;
  2. To prevent hacking bots from gaining access to the system.

The account will not become operative until the authentication link in the email has been clicked and connects with the HRV Health Platform.

Password: we require users to enter the password twice, as this reduces human error. 

Device ID: We check that the device ID is unique on the system and that it is correct. The Polar heart rate monitor device ID is the primary interface between the HRV Health app and the HRV Health Platform where the data are held. Once you start using the app, you will find that you never have to login to the app. That’s because we use the device ID as your login, and to transmit your data from the App to the Platform. If it’s wrong, the system fails. So we make sure that it is right, first time. 

Entering a valid device Id automatically authenticates the user. So while it’s not a requirement to enter a device ID on initial registration, it does simplify the registration process.

Country: hacker bots try to create registrations that give them access to the system. Invariably these bots use a country other than the one where they are located, and this control reduces false registrations. More importantly, we are able to assess HRV data accurately by country.

User ID: the user ID must be unique. We are assessing whether users want to use their email addresses as a user ID.

Birth date: HRV declines with age. We need to have the correct age to ensure that the interpretation of results is correct. We have set a minimum age of 15, as we do not have statistics below that age.

Gender: HRV is gender specific. Comparisons to the our statistics are invalid without the correct gender.

The users First name and Last name are a courtesy, and are not a requirement.

That’s it. We have reasons for the requirements, and we hope that this explanation helps users to understand why they are necessary. Thank you.