Open letter to the World’s leaders

We are seeing a familiar pattern as the Omicron variant of COVID-19 surges across the globe.

The defences that you promised will keep us safe, are failing. The economy is going backwards. So you raise new defences, promising that this time they will protect us. Now, it’s the booster vaccine that will save us.

Why this stream of mistakes? It’s that crucial facts are being ignored, priorities are confused, and the identification of the “at risk” is wrong.

The crucial facts are that 20% to 30% of people who are infected are asymptomatic and almost 95% people who are hospitalised, and who the disease kills have some other condition besides COVID.

Very little attempt has been made to identify these groups properly, and that makes planning futile.

The “at risk” are not the elderly. They are the people who have other conditions. The number of people who are hospitalised and die is far more important than infection rates.

People with low HRV are the “At Risk”.

Measuring heart rate variability (HRV) enables you to focus on the “at risk” where your efforts should be concentrated. The technology is not new. It is scientifically proven that all of the conditions that correlate with mortality from COVID-19 also correlate with low HRV.

People with high HRV are asymptomatic.

Provided you measure HRV using best practice, adopting proper procedures and using high grade measuring devices, you have a metric that will allow you to create strategies that will beat the pandemic.

People who have high HRV have an immune system more than capable of seeing them through any infection, and with infection they are protected against future infection.

It is the people with low HRV that need vaccinations to provide the boost that they need to survive infection.

The people with the lowest HRV are the most at risk, and they should be identified, isolated, protected against infection, and supported.

Those of us who can safely catch COVID need not take any special precautions. Most of us who catch COVID will barely be aware of it, and as our immune systems build resistance, the disease will eventually disappear.

People who are “most at risk” and those who are in contact with them need to be clearly identified to the rest of society so that we take basic precautions to prevent infecting them. They will also need guidance to help them build a higher HRV based on the sensible lifestyle choices that our doctors have been recommending for decades.

Because HRV is our business, we will be accused of self-interest in offering this solution.

We are willing to offer any government wanting to adopt this solution our software and algorithms. With that they can replicate our capabilities, without any revenue to us.

That’s hardly a Big Pharma approach.

And we can promise that it will work.

Roy R Dalle Vedove

Founder HRV Health AG