Why HRV Health is free

There are many people who think that because something is free, that’s what it’s worth. 

Our users ask how we can offer such a great product without any charge. What’s the catch? There is none. HRV Health started with a simple idea.

The rising cost of healthcare is unsustainable.

In 2018 (the latest year for which there are figures) healthcare in Switzerland and the United States was costing $8,113 and $10,613 per person per annum respectively. We want to change that. 

The starting point to lowering healthcare costs is getting people healthier. Making good lifestyle choices: plenty of exercise, good sleep, a healthy diet, and relaxation. Avoiding stress, drugs, alcohol, innutritious food and sleep deprivation.

People have been singing that song for decades. Here’s where we differ. At present there is very little financial incentive for living a healthy lifestyle. Insurance premiums in both Switzerland and America don’t take healthy lifestyles into account. So the healthy are paying for the the unhealthy. That’s neither fair, nor provides any incentive to make sensible choices.

We needed a way to measure health reliably. We discovered heart rate variability (HRV). We tested it extensively. It works. We tested which devices produce the most reliable data. Only the Polar H9 and H10 heart rate monitors met the standards. We developed the apps and algorithms to transfer the data to our Platform and calculate HRV. Then we developed the Platform user interface.

Now we have a way for health insurers to measure health and create policies that will attract those policyholders who have very few claims. And that will change the industry. As the healthy pay less, the unhealthy will pay more, changing the incentive profile.  

Of course, we are getting pushback. The premiums form the asset base of the insurance companies, and this idea threatens that model.

There will also be pushback from people who don’t want to change their hedonistic lives.

The people who are leading healthy lives should not have to pay more to prove it.

That’s the reason why HRV Health is free.


The basic HRV Health services are free. If you are a regular user, we would appreciate that you provide a testimonial and a review on either the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Testimonials can be created on the user setup page of the Platform.

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