What to do when you are ill

What do you do when your HRV figures plummet and you don’t feel well.

Low HCorona g26d4a4121 640RV figures are a signal. Athletes see it when they take a reading immediately after an intense workout. Post workout readings are dramatic. The reading an hour later shows the powers of recovery, with numbers often better than the morning reading.

When your numbers are low, and there is no obvious explanation (like a night of excessive alcohol intake), and you’re not feeling great, then it’s time to use HRV to see whether your body is winning the battle. You will need to give it help. Get plenty of rest. Don’t exercise. Take readings after resting, and before going to bed.

Also, if you’re an athlete, low HRV numbers can be associated with overtraining. 

When the numbers stabilise, it’s a sign that you’re on the path to recovery. This is especially true if the ellipse area figures go up. 

Once there are signs that the HRV numbers are stabilising, some light exercise is fine. Take a reading before the workout, and again an hour after completion. The second reading should be at the same level or better than the first. Lower figures are a signal that your body requires more rest. Higher numbers will tell you that you’re on the path to recovery.

If you’re getting plenty of rest, and the numbers continue to decline, then it may be time to get advice from the HRV Health team. We will look at your HRV readings, and give you an idea of what to do next.