Leading medic slams HRV

In a podcast with Rhonda Patrick[1]Dr. Benjamin Levine: How Exercise Prevents & Reverses Heart Aging, Dr Benjamin Levine, an exceptionally accomplished sports cardiologist, according to Patrick – says that you cannot use heart rate variability, in answer to her question about it’s use for training. He resorts to mendacity to make his point. Firstly, he… Continue reading Leading medic slams HRV

Improving your numbers: the athlete’s guide

Fitness technology can be incredibly powerful and deliver better results…or it can be a complete waste of time and money. The difference lies in understanding how to make it work for you. To get the most out of heart rate variability, follow these five simple and effective tips and watch your fitness transform from the… Continue reading Improving your numbers: the athlete’s guide

HRV and recovery

HRV Health’s primary focus is general health. That said, we have an increasing number of users who are athletes, and obtain valuable information for their training from the HRV data.  Athletes place stress on their bodies, and it is this stress, if properly directed that makes them fitter and stronger. An important component of training… Continue reading HRV and recovery

Recovering from illness or injury using HRV

HRV is the measure of the immune system. Both injury and illness cause a drop in the HRV metrics, particularly the resting heart rate and the rMSSD. HRV provides an accurate measure of the recovery process. The affliction may require a period of bed rest, decreasing fitness, muscle mass and tone, making it difficult for… Continue reading Recovering from illness or injury using HRV