Ageing, exercise, and HRV

Proven to protect against a wide array of diseases, exercise may be the most powerful anti-aging intervention known to science[1]Researchers shed light on how exercise preserves physical fitness during aging[2]Exercise preserves physical fitness during aging through AMPK and mitochondrial dynamics. As we age, our fitness drops off faster, and recovery takes longer. Our training needs to adapt… Continue reading Ageing, exercise, and HRV

Exercising with HRV

HRV has been helping elite athletes to achieve peak performance for the past couple of decades. At HRV Health, we have developed algorithms that assist athletes to achieve their best, and our tests prove that they are effective. This is a service only available during the trial period and to subscribers. The way you exercise,… Continue reading Exercising with HRV

Resting Heart Rate and mortality

Men with a resting hearth rate (RHR) of over 75 beats per minute at 50 years of age have twice as high risk of all-cause death, cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease during 21 years of follow-up compared with men with RHR of 55 beats per minute or below[1]Impact of changes in heart rate with age on all-cause death and… Continue reading Resting Heart Rate and mortality

Improving your numbers: the athlete’s guide

Fitness technology can be incredibly powerful and deliver better results…or it can be a complete waste of time and money. The difference lies in understanding how to make it work for you. To get the most out of heart rate variability, follow these five simple and effective tips and watch your fitness transform from the… Continue reading Improving your numbers: the athlete’s guide

HRV and recovery

HRV Health’s primary focus is general health. That said, we have an increasing number of users who are athletes, and obtain valuable information for their training from the HRV data.  Athletes place stress on their bodies, and it is this stress, if properly directed that makes them fitter and stronger. An important component of training… Continue reading HRV and recovery