Switzerland’s Covid cost

Covid cost the Swiss taxpayer SFr35 billion[1]Swiss finance minister sees pandemic-linked spending of 35 bln Swiss francs, making up 4.6% of Swiss GDP[2]GDP (current US$) – Switzerland. That’s not taking into account the cost to individual taxpayers in lost earnings, and businesses through lost revenue. The SFr35 billion is the cost of the government’s response… Continue reading Switzerland’s Covid cost

Obesity in Switzerland

More than a billion people are living with obesity around the world, global estimates published in The Lancet show[1]Worldwide trends in underweight and obesity from 1990 to 2022: a pooled analysis of 3663 population-representative studies with 222 million children, adolescents, and adults[2]More than one billion people are living with obesity.  The international team of scientists… Continue reading Obesity in Switzerland

The great divide

When I was living in America, I often had the feeling that they were still fighting the civil war. After the war, Lincoln understood how divided the country had become, and determined that he needed to unite the country[1]Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. He had already started to implement his plans… Continue reading The great divide

Are we being lied to again?

Switzerland’s Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has recommended NO Covid vaccination for Spring /Summer 2023. Their reasons are that nearly everyone in Switzerland has either been infected, or been vaccinated, and the the current version of the virus is mild. Even people who are in the high risk category are not advised to get… Continue reading Are we being lied to again?

Our problem with the FOPH

When I first read Health2030 – the Federal Council’s health policy strategy for the period 2020–2030, I was excited at the prospect of a government agency that understood the challenges it was facing, and had a clear plan of how to address them[1]The Federal Council’s health policy strategy 2020–2030. It seemed to have objectives for… Continue reading Our problem with the FOPH


Die Gesundheitsversorgung in der Schweiz kostet heute mehr als 11.000 US-Dollar pro Person und Jahr und ist damit die teuerste der Welt. Gemäss KVG, dem Krankenpflege- und Krankenversicherungsgesetz, ist die Versicherung obligatorisch, und die Ärmsten werden vom Wohnkanton subventioniert. Abgesehen davon, dass es eine Lücke zwischen dem Gesetz und der Praxis gibt. Ich falle in… Continue reading Hungerstreik

Hunger strike

Healthcare in Switzerland now costs in excess of US$11,000 per person per annum, making it the world’s most expensive. Under the LAMal, the legislation covering healthcare and healthcare insurance, insurance is mandatory, and the poorest are subsidised by the canton in which they live.  Except that there is a gap between the law and the… Continue reading Hunger strike